Your Holistic Wealth is our business. We are Bookkeeping and Financial Wisdom.

In our practice, we take a holistic approach and work on multiple facets of your financial lives, allowing you to build trust and deeper relationships necessary to truly help you beyond your books.

You are 1 of a kind, unique, so is your business, so are we, and so is our Bookkeeping and Financial Wisdom services. We offer a holistic approach which is designed with what you need. We address our client’s financial picture from the standpoint of total wellness.

Welcome to Bookeeping and Financial Wisdom, a company dedicated to assisting small businesses achieve success by utilizing cloud-based 

bookkeeping and accounting solutions and providing quarterly, monthly, and weekly bookkeeping support.

Our mission is to provide our you, our clients, with peace-of-mind and reduced stress by having accurate and current records. Without spending hours and hours of time working on your own books, BFW gives business owners the time to do what they love and run their business successfully!

We are here for you, whether  you:

  • Don’t have enough time to do your books
  • Are overwhelmed
  • Don’t understand the software or the process of bookkeeping
  • Just don’t feel like doing, or just don’t want to, or just don’t care to do Bookkeeping
  • Need guidance in the financial wellness of your business

Our holistic accounting practice will ensure that each job performed is aligned to support short-term and long-term of your financial success. Holistic accounting aligns accounting functions within the broader context of a company’s industry, financial health, & overall performance. As holistic accountants, we perform all accounting functions in the context of a company’s ultimate financial goals. The emphasis of this accounting perspective is growth, not simply compliance.

Based on a thorough understanding of your industry’s needs and intimate knowledge of your unique business goals, our practice will ensure that each transaction is posted correctly.  Please note, few  professional services that file tax documents or handle small business bookkeeping,

go beyond deliverables and understand the true needs of their client’s profession. This is unfortunate because the effects of business decisions often impact personal life decisions and vice versa. This is why it’s critical to hire a team that understands the need for trusted, holistic advice – not just accurate deliverables.

Our outsourced services consider all aspects of our client’s financial health and recommend the optimal path forward for long-term financial success. We blend our accounting and bookkeeping services, so you have the data and the insights to improve your company’s financial health.

In a nutshell, we address our client as a complete entity and seek to help in meeting all of their business needs.

We get you. We understand your needs. We will work with you for a clearer picture of your books for financial freedom.

Your Holistic Wealth is our business.

If you find yourself in need of a holistic approach to bookkeeping/accounting, contact us!

Our Services


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Time management is very critical to us and we deliver based on your schedule.

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We try harder to maximize your returns and we use the tax laws to our advantages.

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