We offer timely and reliable online payroll processing services.

We understand that every company is unique in the way they run business. You have specific needs and systems that make your business run like a well oiled machine.

That’s why we pride ourselves in being flexible to your needs.

Our professional payroll services and systems are cost-efficient and easy to use. We have dedicated professional team members providing friendly and prompt support so your payroll goes smoothly every time.

For any business that has employees, payroll, much like sales, customer service, accounting, operations are considered a part of the engine that makes the business run. You shouldn’t think of it as a bi-weekly annoyance or a simple bookkeeping task. Payroll is how you reward and retain employees, compensating them for the work they have completed for your business. But when there are errors due to miscalculation, as a manager or owner you will find yourself dealing with unhappy, dissatisfied and even unmotivated workers. Calculation errors are not the only thing with which you have to deal. There are literally hundreds of tax codes and payroll regulations that you need to comply with and fully understand.

There are so many little rules for business owners to stay on top of.

What you can expect from our service:

Dedicated team member – During onboarding, you will be assigned a team member that is an expert in your niche, who will process your payroll for you without fail.

Employee self-service – Your employees can log in from their desktop or mobile device to see check stubs, W-2s, and more. You no longer have to step in and provide this manually, we got you covered!

A payroll mistake with any one of these items can be quite costly for your business:

Classification of employees and contractors:

  • W-2 forms
  • Tax deposit and filing deadlines
  • Overtime payments
  • State unemployment taxes
  • Garnishments and levies
  • Taxable items

Your Holistic Wealth is our business.

If you find yourself in need of payroll services, contact us.

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